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Our family was fortunate to find Home Childcare Today in the summer of 2014. Our daughters were then nearly 1 and 4 years old, and our primary goals for a family/home daycare were to have a small group size, one that allowed the girls to be together during the day, and for it to be a safe and warm environment where they could thrive in a developmentally appropriate way. Home Childcare Today has provided all of that, and more. Sophy, AiPing, and their assistants at both the Acton and Chelmsford locations, provide a great balance between a loving, nurturing environment and one that offers appropriate challenges. We’ve been impressed by the academic readiness skills they’ve learned, as well as the social and behavioral.

Home Childcare Today’s policies and communication vehicles are top notch. Sophy offers parent conferences, daily written logs, responds promptly to email and phone calls, Generic placeholder image and is very flexible regarding schedules and unique needs – something that is tremendously helpful when juggling work and life!

Sophy goes out of her way to create such a nice community by organizing group picnics, holiday gatherings and taking the time to get to know each family personally. Our older daughter transitioned to Kindergarten this fall, yet looks forward each day to picking up her sister and saying hello to her old teachers and friends. We’re grateful for Home Childcare Today for providing such a positive first “school” experience for our children!

Laura & Mattias Eriksson
October 2016

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We feel very fortunate to have found Home Childcare Today. We moved to the area from out-of-state and needed to find a new daycare for our son, Austin. At the time, our son was in a small traditional daycare. We were having problems finding a new daycare as many of the ones we visited in the area were large and/or impersonal. My husband noticed the difference upon his initial visit to Home Childcare Today. The person who greets in the morning is the person who will be there when you pick up your child. This stability makes a big difference to a child since there are no “shift changes.” When you pick up your child, you get a complete picture of your child’s entire day and not just the last few hours.

Our daughter, Samantha, started to attend Home Childcare Today as an infant shortly after our son. In a traditional daycare, children are usually separated into different age groups and do not interact with each other. In a home care setting, all the children are cared for together. Children will do age appropriate activities but they will not be completely segregated. This has allowed our daughter and son to develop a close bond. It has also helped them socially to interact with children at different levels.

Sophy, Ai Ping, and their staffs really care about the needs and development of the children they look after. In addition to the daily updates, they make time for parent conferences. This is a time to address any concerns you might have and to create or update a plan for your child’s development. This means that we can reinforce what they are learning at daycare and vice versa. Austin, who is three years old, already knows the alphabet and loves being read to. He can also count past 10 and has started simple addition. We expressed our interest in him learning Chinese and he is now starting to use Chinese words at home.

June, 2012

We brought our first son to Home Childcare Today when he was a little over a year old. We were initially nervous because he had only been watched by family up until that point. But Sophy, Ai Ping and their staff did a great job with transitioning him into the daycare. They have helped with a routine and now he goes down for naps without a fight! I like the fact that there are kids of varying ages in the home. Not only does he learn from older kids but also learns to treat the younger ones with care. I was surprised at how gentle he was with our second son when he was born and realized that it is because Sophy has taught him to be gentle with the babies at daycare.

We have also consulted Sophy with problems we were having at home. Our son was having trouble sleeping on his own again after a couple of weeks of being sick and then vacation. Sophy had given us a few suggestions which we tried and worked!

The other thing that distinguishes Home Childcare Today from other daycare centers is the food they serve. It is important to me for our son to eat healthy fresh foods, not just thawed out frozen meals or canned vegetables. Sophy always serves fresh fruits and vegetables with their meals. Also, their daycare is not a one room daycare -- they have a kitchen for eating, rooms to nap and read, and a play room. Most daycare centers we looked at had the kids doing everything in one room.

We have been pleased with the care given to our older son that we will be sending the baby later this year!

The Roberts Family
August, 2013

We have had our daughter in Ms. Sophy's Family Day Care since she was 6 months old. Our daughter has enjoyed her day care experience at Ms. Sophy's. Ms. Sophy has had very caring staff without turnover of staff. I have been very pleased with the fact that her staff are always very reliable. Ms. Sophy and her staff/family are always very friendly and greet my daughter with a smile. Our daughter looks forward to her days at Sophy’s Family Day Care. Ms. Sophy is very caring and loving with the children. She encourages the children to learn such skills as being friendly and polite; toilet training and table manners to also sharing, learning some pre-academic skills including numbers, letters, and colors. Ms. Sophy, her husband, AiPing and her staff are caring, nurturing people. They are all gentle while providing a structured, caring family child care experience. We have had my older children in larger day care settings so I have had the "experience" as a parent of both larger day cares and small family day cares. We are very happy with our decision to go with a smaller family day care. Our daughter has been a very talkative child and enjoys coming home with new songs, activities she has done at day care and storied about her day at Ms. Sophy's. We know that she enjoys the children and the families of the children in her care. When we pass our child to Ms. Sophy we know that she will be in safe hands and will be provided a nurtured day with love and care. We know that she will be well feed as well as provided opportunities to play, have fun and work on pre-k skills with other children.

Beth Anne and Art Frechette
May, 2010

For nearly 3 years Sophy and Ai Ping have cared for our son Jack. In that time they have become like family, and their house is truly Jack's second home. The attention to detail and the care that is taken for Jack's well being and education is second to none. They truly take pride in each milestone that Jack has reached. We are grateful for finding Home Childcare Today and would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about their child's care and education.

Eric and Jen Howland
June, 2013

We first met Sophy and Ai-Ping while I was about 7 months pregnant for our son. We knew almost immediately that they were kind, caring, and responsible people. They wanted to be sure that we were comfortable with our decision to bring our son to them for care in the coming months.

Our son began attending Home Childcare Today when he was about 9 weeks old. It was incredibly difficult to leave him but Sophy, Ai-Ping and their staff were all very supportive and understanding and I knew my son was in excellent hands. They have been nothing but wonderful to us and our son. He is now almost 3 years old and he absolutely loves going to play and learn at Sophy's. He has been asking us to go on a daily basis most recently.

Sophy and Ai-Ping make you feel that you and your child are part of their family. We are so happy and grateful that we found them. If you are looking for a home daycare that will care for your child as you would then look no further.

The Moley Family
April, 2012

My daughter Cailyn started with Home Child Care Today when she was close to 2 years old. She enjoyed this lovely and friendly day care very much and look forward to go back there every morning. Sophy, Aiping and their staffs really care about the children's need and give them lot of attention. I am happy about our decision to go with this family day care.

October 2013

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My son started with Home Child Care Today when he was close to one year old and now he has been there for over 18 months. We visited a couple of day care centers and decided almost right away that Home Child Care Today was the best choice. We still feel that way today. My son was not the easiest kid in the world. He has his own personality. Sophy and AiPing really cared about him. They made the effort to know him, treat him as an individual, give us the feedback and address any of our concern/questions quickly. I would highly recommend Home Child Care Today if you are looking for a day care that really cares about your loved one, gives the attention he or she needs as well as has the experience and knowledge to help them grow.

March, 2010

My son Driss has attended Sophy's home day care since he was 3 months old. I lived right up the road in Chelmsford, but soon moved to Salem. I was concerned about the long drive, but I loved to quality of care provided by Sophy and her family. Sophy, Aiping, and her assistants are extraordinarily loving. They go above and beyond at their daycare service. In the early days, Sophy, Aiping and their young daughter would gather around their table with the children and eat meals together. It was a true family setting. Aiping and the young daughter would play the piano and the assistants would could fresh food for all of the children. I liked the service because I wanted me son to be exposed to a second language. I knew that it would benefit him later in life. However, this warm family atmosphere came to mean so much more to mean. I decided that I would keep my son in the school despite the long drive. It has paid off immensely. It has now been well over four years. My son loves his school and looks forward to it. He has learned so much. Now that Sophy and Aiping each have their own schools, nothing has changed at all. My son has visited both, and he can't decide which he likes more! I would say that if you want a school that provides a family setting with low staff turnover, a community feeling amongst parents, a solid educational program, exposure to music, arts, and foreign language, this is the school for you!

Best regards,
Netrista Khatam
June, 2010

We sent our daughter to Home Childcare Today when she was 14 months old. She has never cried a single tear since the first day. It is quite amazing. She loves the place and can't wait to go back there every morning. She enjoys the daycare food and eats well there. She is now two years old and her favorite songs that she learned from the daycare are "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "Old McDonald Had a Farm".

Jennifer Xu, Assistant Professor
Computer Information Systems
Bentley University
Waltham, MA 02452
September 2010