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Payment: Minimum enrollment is 4 weeks. Tuition for the first week and the last 3 weeks should be attached with the application. Tuition of other weeks should be paid in advance weekly.To withdraw, a notice is required 3 weeks in advance.

Holidays/Vacation: Full tuition is due for ten major holidays, and child's own vacation. However, parents do not pay for provider's vacation which is ten days a year.

Absences: Full tuition is due for emergency closing, child’s illness or absence from the daycare.

Operation Hours: 8:00AM - 6:00 PM. Monday to Friday. Early drop-off or late pick-up requires special arrangement.

Evening & Early Morning Service: $10 per quarter hour after 6:00PM or before 8:00AM. Evening service will be automatically scheduled, if parent arrives after 6:01PM. Partial quarter hour is counted as one quarter hour.

Illness: Parent agrees to notify the provider in the event that his/her child contracts a contagious illness and will make other arrangements for his/her child’s care until the danger to other children has passed.

Physical: Updated physical required.

Medication: The provider can give medication only with written permission of parent and in case of prescribed drugs, with doctor’s written order or prescription label.

Supplies: Parent will furnish diapers, wipers, formula, bottles, Sippy cups, utensils, bibs, change of clothes, napping materials, and special supplies such as medication, skin cream, and special food for diarrhea if applicable.

Meals: Tuition covers the daycare home breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack for children.

Policy or Rate Change: The pre-paid tuition is not refundable. However, the provider may change the policy or rate, and changes are effective upon notice to parent. Parent has option not to accept the changes and receive a pro rata refund for any unused portion of the pre-paid service by withdrawing from the enrollment.